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Film FX
National Geographic- Surviving Hurricane Floyd Unsolved Mysteries - John Wilkes Booth Fashion atmosphere
  Cade Martin Photography / Design Army Euphoria neuron - light & confetti fx Washington Square
IMDB Listing for Douglas Retzler Hairspray   Johnstown Flood Whitby, U.K. shoot  Cade Martin Photography
Sky bar rain - commerical   Washington Ballet
    Cade Martin Photography / Design Army
Rain Commercial Bike on tightrope - commerical
Euphoria neuron - rain envelope Unicycle on tightrope - commerical Bombardment of Ft McHenry Snow - commerical That Night -  Bionic Fireflies with LED tails in jar
Enemy of the State Rollover stage for boy walking up wall- Poverty Line PSA
  Design & fabrication Jay Dulaney / Doug Retzler National Geographic- studio snow   Westwing - wind fx
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